Penguin 4.0 goes live. Penguin is now a real time part of the Google algorithms. As Penguin is now going real time, it appears that Google is no longer going to officially update the status of penguin. As a real time part of Google’s algorithms penguin is on the prowl, so everyone beware. It is imperative that every webmaster only uses Google approved website promotion methods.

Promoting your website is an important part of any internet marketing program, but it must be done correctly or you risk being penalized. It is absolutely mandatory that people follow Googles guidelines. Here is a link to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Remember that quality content is the key to ranking well in the various search engines. Google rewards quality content, and penalizes poor content. Google wants to be your friend, and has a lot of information available to help your Website show correctly in the search engine results. Google really does want to provide the best user experience possible for it’s users, and providing relevant results to search queries is how they do it. Here is a link to information on how to provide quality website content.

There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding the latest update to Penguin. Search engine land has a very nice article on the subject here. Penguin 4.0 goes live.

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