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I have been trying to determine if a Page or Blog Post has more SEO value in WordPress. In thinking about the mathematics of “PageRank”, I am unable to determine any real difference between the two. Since I use the title of the Blog post as the page title, just as I do in creating pages there is no difference there. Because I was not able to see any real difference myself, I went online and searched around to see what other people thought.

Well pages are timeless. They generally stay visible forever if your linking and menu structure is done well. Blog posts on the other hand generally have the newest at the top, and older posts get pushed down over time.

Google loves fresh content, so if you are blogging and getting lots of social media likes, this can help push the blog posts up in the search engines. If you are blogging daily or at least weekly, then I feel Google and the other search engines will feel your content is very fresh.

Pages can stick around for years. It is also important to keep the content of your pages fresh. Add content and change things around. Keep the content updated, especially if the content relates to things that change often.

Basically after looking around, and going over search engine ranking reports for my various websites, I feel the difference between using pages or posts is marginal. The real difference I see is that I write a lot more blog posts than pages. If I feel like writing a post about a specific topic like “What’s better a page or a post” I can just sit down and write it. But if I am trying to make a page for a category on the site, I may not want to use that topic.

So here we get back to content. If I am creating five (5) times more content using Blog Posts, then I expect that the posts are going to be the big driver for SEO. The posts are more current, and they should really help me develop my “Long Tail” content.

So whatever you do or think, I hope you will just sit down, and create some content. If it is easier for you to create pages that’s great. If you are the Blogging Guru, then run with writing blog posts.

Just create content! Link it properly to other pages in your site, to share the Website energy “PageRank”.

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By the way, I did see a nice video about the subject. Here it is.


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