Well over the last couple weeks many people have noticed changes to their Search Engine Ranking positions. I have for one seen this in many of mine, but thankfully the rankings have all changed for the better. White Hat SEO does work. Well Google does not confirm that they are making changes publicly, but it appears I am not the only person who saw the effects of what ever happened.

Is this a Google Panda Update, well I do not know, but we have to call it something don’t we? To try and figure out what changed, I went on a Internet search for information. While I was searching, I came across an interesting article on “Search engine land” regarding the same topic. It’s a great article, so if you have a few minutes you may want to check it out. Here is a link to their article. http://searchengineland.com/google-update-their-ranking-algorithms-some-webmasters-believe-so-234185

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