Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a daunting task. SEO is incredibly difficult, as there are millions of existing Websites, that the Web Designer must compete with to get on the Search Engines first page. Even harder is to get to the top of the first page. Google is the Search Engine of choice for SEO shops as they have 80 percent of the Search Engine market in the United States.

If you want to rank well with Google for any particular search term, you need to understand a little about how Google is going to treat your content.

Lets say you go and put together a nice site on “Chocolate Chip Cookies”. Well Google is going to scan the content and give it an initial score and placement in it’s search engine. Google is going to test the site, and try to determine the quality of “User Engagement” for the site. If Google feels from it’s initial testing of the new Website, that the content quality is good, the site is popular because it has some third party links and people like the site. They stay on the site going from page to page, and they spend enough time on the site that Google believes that the site deserves a top ranking. Google may then even improve the sites ranking up a notch, and continue testing to verify that it’s hypothesis was correct. If on the other hand “User engagement” was lower than expected, traffic falls and time on site decreases, Google may drop the site down in the rankings, and start the testing process all over again.


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